• June 2, 2023

10k Grafts 2nd Hair Transplant – My Honest Review (again)

In this video, I speak about my second hair transplant and give you an honest review of what I thought of it. I go through the main differences of the first and second visit, plus a two week update. This is after my 2nd experience of the FUE hair transplant I got in Istanbul, Turkey from Vera Clinic to cover my crown.

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0:00 – 2nd hair transplant review
0:19 – How many grafts I got
0:42 – Over-harvested?
1:33 – Shaved head
1:57 – The cost
2:18 – Graft breakdown
2:49 – How its looking now
3:16 – My honest review
3:40 – How I got them to film me
4:20 – Similarities
4:51 – Differences
9:14 – Aftercare I purchased
10:04 – 2 week update
10:56 – The swelling & donor scabs
11:29 – 11th day scabs & showering
11:48 – Sleeping
12:13 – 1-on-1 consultation
13:07 – Trust the process!

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