• September 28, 2023

Follicular Unit Transplantation | FUT Hair Restoration | Dr. Craig Ziering | Hair Loss Solution

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When your hair loss is truly bothering you and eroding your confidence, you may want to seek a permanent hair restoration solution. The (Follicular Unit Transplantation) FUT Hair Transplant procedure is one of several hair restoration solutions offered by Ziering Medical of Beverly Hills. Many of our patients are thrilled with the dramatic results of this surgical procedure, and it makes us proud when we can restore the confidence of our male, female, and transgender patients.

Ziering Medical of Beverly Hills is the very best team in hair restoration. Our excellent reputation is why Dr. Craig Ziering is touted as the “celebrity hair transplant surgeon”. For individuals who are seeking a natural-looking hairline, the FUT Hair Transplant option may be the best solution. However, a consultation with the Ziering Medical team in Beverly Hills can confirm the options that are best suited for each individual. With corrective procedures where the repair of “old plugs” requires more creative design to soften the “pluggy” appearance of older surgical hair restoration techniques, FUT Hair Transplant results may vary. Ziering Medical of Beverly Hills can help you choose the best procedure for you so you can become your best self.

If you would like to explore the FUT Strip Hair Transplant via a consultation with the Ziering team, we invite you to make an appointment. Ziering of Beverly Hills.

Ziering Medical is a world renowned hair restoration facility with locations coast to coast. Serving patients all over the country Ziering Medical is also the premier choice for celebrities, models, and professional athletes. When you’re looking for the best in Hair Restoration look to Ziering Medical.
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