• September 25, 2023

Hair Laser Treatment I Hair Augmentation Method Without Hair Transplant #hairlaser #hairtreatment

Hair laser treatment is one of the most effective hair treatment method. With a hair laser treatment you can duplicate your hairs without hair transplant. Exclusive hair treatment methods are applying by Dr. Terziler in Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic in İstanbul, Türkiye.

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Who is Dr. Terziler ?

Dr. Terziler, starting from 2022, using advanced technology, continues to serve by bringing together under the brand “Dr.Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic” hair transplantation and hair treatment methods. Dr. Terziler has combined the knowledge and experience of almost half a century in hair transplantation and hair treatments under one roof with the concept of holistic aesthetics in his clinic established in accordance with international quality standards.

Dr. Servet Terziler , President of the Board of “Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic” is also the founder and president of TÜSATDER (Turkish Health Tourism Association) and a member of the DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board) Health Commission.

#hairlaser #hairtreatment #drterziler