• September 27, 2023

Is hair loss due to dandruff reversible? if yes, how? – Dr. Nischal K

Dandruff is a very itchy condition in the scalp. Sometimes people only have itching. Sometimes people have a lot of flaking when they comb they s e a lot of hair leaving on their shirt or it can lead to lot of tiny pustules on the scalp. Actually it affects the hair. There is a reaction occurring in the skin. When something is not normal, naturally there is derangement of the infernal condition. Because of this the nutrition is altered and the whatever cytokines or inflammatory mediators that is released will affected the hair growth. It reduces the replication and it also takes away the nutrition. Because of this people may have transiently a stunted growth. Which after some time sheds again and regrows again. So whatever hairfall that takes place with hairfall is not a permanent hair fall it is a transient hair fall. When you are at your peak of your dandruff there is a lot of inflammation. Naturally when the inflammation is there people tend to scratch badly. So at itself may cause injury to the scalp skin. This aggravates the severity of hairfall but it always recovers, hence whenever there is dandruff and hair fall more importance is given t controlling dandruff than hairfall. Because the moment you control dandruff the hair fall also comes down. Treatment of dandruff is the most basic aspect when people have both dandruff and hair fall.