• September 22, 2023

Memory Transfer via Heart Transplant – What is the cause?

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In this video I discussed a fascinating topic: why heart transplant recipients experienced organ donors’ memories following transplant surgery. How can a person’s memory or consciousness be transferred to another individual?

Despite decades of scientific research aided by advancing technology, we still barely scratch the surface of what human consciousness is. Early dualism theories suggest that humans and probably other animals possess a spiritual and immaterial soul that confers consciousness, thought and free will—capabilities that inanimate objects lack.

However, according to current knowledge and evidence, most scientists now believe that consciousness or the mind is generated by the brain alone and nothing but the brain. They propose a monism theory that there is no consciousness or separate soul without the brain. The mind is what the brain does and when the brain dies, the mind goes with it.

But if this is the case, then how come there have been numerous perplexing reports of organ transplant receivers claiming that they have inherited the memory, experiences and emotions of their deceased donors? To quote one of the heart-lung transplant recipients, she felt as if “a second soul was sharing my body.”

These heart-transplant reports raise a big question mark on the brain-mind unity hypothesis. If consciousness is solely within one’s brain, then why does a donated heart also contain that person’s memory? Doesn’t that indicate that our consciousness is not limited to the brain; human hearts and maybe other organs can gain and retain memory too?

On the other hand, if there is a soul beyond the human body which leaves this world when the body dies, then how can a deceased donor’s soul linger with the organ receiver? Why didn’t the entire soul move on to another realm? It appears that the phenomenon of memory transfer of organs is challenging both dualism and monism theories about human consciousness.

I did some research and would like to show you what I have found. One of the interesting things is that the mysterious brainwave spikes at near-death might be involved in the memory transfer event.

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