• June 2, 2023

SCAR Hair Transplant: How to produce good growth in scar tissue and cover the area aesthetically!

Scar tissue is a compromised tissue in terms of vascularity, uneven thickness and is unfavorable for hair growth. Scar could be due to the 1) primary skin diseases or 2) due to trauma, surgeries, etc.
1) The scar tissue needs to be inactive in terms of disease activity. At least a disease-free period of more than 5 years is required to think of doing a hair procedure upon the scar due to skin diseases. And a test grafting should be done before taking up the full area for the procedure.
2) In case of traumatic scarring or iatrogenic scarring, at least a period of 6 months to 1 year should be waited before doing the procedure.

Since the blood supply is less, dense packing of 40-50 grafts per square cm should not be attempted. Around 20-25 grafts should be attempted. If the hair is put at the right depth then they would grow, if the blood supply is adequate.
Scar tissue is most of the time emotionally challenging whenever it is on face or scalp. Experts who handle scar well with the experience of growing hair over it can produce highly gratifying results.

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Dr Arika Bansal (MD, AIIMS)
Dr Pradeep Sethi (MD, AIIMS) is an expert surgeon and was awarded an honorary professorship at DY Patil University, to teach the science and art of Hair Transplantation.